Manufacturing solar inverter 600va,800va1000va - Namakkal

Saturday, 12 April 2014

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City: Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
Offer type: Sell
Price: Rs 4,567


Contact name Green Power Plant
Phone 9443235282

Item description

We manufacturing solar inverter pvi-600va, 800va, 1000va/12v in MPPT TYPE
1.Connect battery write to battery 1st, red=+ve, black=-ve
2.Don’t connect reverse wire to battery.
3.Do rest wiring as per rengular inverter, give specific load to inverter.
4.Connect panel wires as shown in above diagram, wire sholud
5.Backside of inverter one switch is there ps mode and normal.
Normal-Means inverter will not auto start, it will start only when mains
Power is not present.
Psmode-Means when solar power present, and battery is charged 90
Inverter will start auto and driving load on inverter thus saving your light bill
At evening when battery reaches to 11v again it connects load to mains power
If you want to run 200w load daily for 5hours your panel must at least 300w
maximum you panel use batter result will you get
A-For 600va –connect max.600w panel
B-For 800va –connect max.800w panel
C.For 1000va –connect max.800w panel
D-For 1400va – connect max. 1000w panel.
6.Lcd display
A- S- shows solar charging ampers, indarkness it will show zero
B-B- shows battery voltage.
C-Power on –shows mains power present load is on mains power.
D-Inv.On-shows inverter is on and load is on inverter.
E-Power off-shows mains power is not present.
F-Psmode-power saving mode is on(Bill reduction software is on
G-Normal-Normal mode(Bill reduction software is off
H-Bat.Lo-shows battery lo on 11v, if you want to use reserve quoata of battery
Just switch off inv.And again swith on inv, using switch provided on front side inv.Will start again and will work up to 10.20v.