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Friday, 11 April 2014

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City: Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
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Contact name Green Power Plant
Phone 9443235282

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We manufacturing solar inverter pvi-600va, 800va, 1000va/12v in MPPT TYPE
1.Connect battery write to battery 1st, red=+ve, black=-ve
2.Don’t connect reverse wire to battery.
3.Do rest wiring as per rengular inverter, give specific load to inverter.
4.Connect panel wires as shown in above diagram, wire sholud
5.Backside of inverter one switch is there ps mode and normal.
Normal-Means inverter will not auto start, it will start only when mains
Power is not present.
Psmode-Means when solar power present, and battery is charged 90
Inverter will start auto and driving load on inverter thus saving your light bill
At evening when battery reaches to 11v again it connects load to mains power
If you want to run 200w load daily for 5hours your panel must at least 300w
maximum you panel use batter result will you get
A-For 600va –connect max.600w panel
B-For 800va –connect max.800w panel
C.For 1000va –connect max.800w panel
D-For 1400va – connect max. 1000w panel.
6.Lcd display
A- S- shows solar charging ampers, indarkness it will show zero
B-B- shows battery voltage.
C-Power on –shows mains power present load is on mains power.
D-Inv.On-shows inverter is on and load is on inverter.
E-Power off-shows mains power is not present.
F-Psmode-power saving mode is on(Bill reduction software is on
G-Normal-Normal mode(Bill reduction software is off
H-Bat.Lo-shows battery lo on 11v, if you want to use reserve quoata of battery
Just switch off inv.And again swith on inv, using switch provided on front side inv.Will start again and will work up to 10.20v.
Dear Mr. Purchase Manager
Greetings from GREEN POWER PLANT!
We are a Tamilnadu based Solar unit manufacturing company.
And have developed several innovative products in the Solar Electric energy segment.
All our products have been extensively field tested and evolved to a high degree of reliability.
Please find attached our company profile and product brochures.
The Solar Hybrid inverter is a fully automatic and integrated Power Conditioning Unit for
home and small office application.
Depending on the availability of solar energy, it can select the optimum source for powering the load and also to charge the battery.
The Solar Prioritizer is a fully automatic unit which can convert an ordinary UPS into solar type.
We also Manufacture MPPT and zero drop PWM Solar chargers for DC applications.
You being a leading supplier of Solar electric equipments, we are sure you will find our products interesting.
Please feel free to contact us for a detailed technical or commercial discussion.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Solar Products:
1/ Solar Home Lighting Systems - Hybrid 10W to 250 KW
2/ Grid Tie Decentralized Systems - 2 KW to MW range
3/ Off Grid Systems - 1 KW to MW range
4/ Hybrid System - Diesel - Solar Optimizer - 250KW to MW
5/ Solar panel and Battery (stockiest, import and distributer
6/ Irrigation Pumps Solar Controller - 1 HP to more than 15HP
7/ Solar Hybrid Inverter/PCU and charge controller, MPPT and PWM
8/ Power Quality Auditing/Consultation
9/ Solar Street Lights/Garden Lights and mini accessories- LED based
10/ LED Lighting and Design - Retrofit.
11/ Solar Energy Equipment
12/ Lift Back Up system with Solar enabled. and more
Thanking you
SOLAR SYSTEM, P Vangili Complex,142,1st Floor, Salem Road
Namakkal-01, Tamilnadu, India
email: cell; 9443235282 , 9894445282